The Swedish outdoor company Houdini has had a fast growt during several years, with their in-house designed outdoor garments, produced by sustainable materials. Houdini currently sells their products through their own shops, webshop, and shop-in-shops. Houdini now starts sale of ORGANOTEX®  Waterproofing for consumers through their sales channels. The products will be part of Houdini’s range of garment care products.

OrganoTex® textile impregnation has been developed during several years and had been designed for adding water repellency to textile fabrics as well as being biodegradable.  The technology is based on OrganoClick’s patented and awarded technology for modification of textile fibers and is completely free from perfluorinated compounds (e.g. PFAS), cyklic siloxanes, and isocyanates that are often used in current textile impregnations. Many of these compounds are suspected to be carcinogenic, hormone disruptive and are bioaccumulative.

”We are very happy for the collaboration with Houdini. In the outdoor-business, they are in the forefront in regards of sustainability and have been working actively with the chemical issue for several years. With Houdini as a new brand partner, we reach a group of outdoor enthusiasts for which the environment is important. As water repellancy is a necessary property for outdoor garments, the consumer can now through Houdini’s garment care program, pro-long the lifespan of their garments even more”, says Mårten Hellberg, CEO OrganoClick AB. 

”We work extremely hard to make our garments circular and biodegradable. It’s all about not leaving any footprint  in the environment. With OrganoTex®, we have found a partner that thinks alike, and who’s impregnations prolong the lifespan of the garments without damaging the environment”, says Malin Wetterborg, Houdini.