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2021-04-15 20:29

Stadium new reseller of OrganoTex®

OrganoClick has signed a reseller agreement with Stadium for OrganoTex®. Under the agreement, Stadium will resell OrganoClick's biodegradable and PFAS-free OrganoTex® textile impregnation and washing detergent for functional clothing in Sweden as well as newly launched OrganoTex® shoe care.

2021-04-15 19:24

OrganoClick launches OrganoTex® ShoeCare

For several years, OrganoClick has been supplying PFAS-free and biodegradable OrganoTex® textile waterproofing for impregnation of functional clothing. OrganoClick is now also launching OrganoTex® shoe care for the treatment and impregnation of shoes.

2020-05-27 20:11

OrganoTex® textile impregnation is launched in the UK with FTUK as agent

OrganoClick is since two years supplying fluorocarbon-free and biodegradable textile impregnations and maintenance products for clothes and garments under the brand OrganoTex®. The products are sold in Sweden, Finland and Norway in stores like Naturkompaniet, Partioaitta, Alewalds, Skistar, Team Sportia, among others. OrganoTex® is now launched in the UK with the sport and outdoor agent FTUK as sales partner.

2019-04-11 19:34

OrganoTex® winner of sportfacks “gear of the year” environmental brand

"It is a big honor and very exciting to receive this award. We have had a fantastic launch of our textile impregnation OrganoTex ® Waterproofing during 2018 with a warm welcome of the product both among retailers and from consumers", says Susanne Karlsson, Account manager for OrganoTex® at OrganoClick.

2018-06-18 08:00

OrganoTex® wins Scandinavian Outdoor Awards Sustainability category

Every year, Scandinavian Outdoor Group hands out Scandinavian Outdoor Awards, at the international trade fair Outdoor in Germany. At this years fair in Friedrichshafen, OrganoClick’s new biodegradable and fluorocarbon-free textile impregnation for consumer – ORGANOTEX®Textile waterproofing, was awarded first price in the Sustainability category.