Hello rain!

Our business concept: That nothing is left.

Have you ever thought about what you treat your shoes, rainwear and outdoor clothing with? And where it ends up? OrganoTex has. Taking inspiration from nature’s own chemistry, we’ve developed innovative shoe and textile waterproofing products and biobased detergents for sport and down clothing. 

All our products are PFAS-free and are readily biodegradable – so nothing is left in nature.

Waterproofing improves water and dirt repellency and extends the lifespan of garments by restoring their water-repellent properties. Unlike many other types of waterproofing, OrganoTex adheres to depth, which maintain the textiles vapor permeability, colour and structure.

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The shoe care range
with minimum
ecological footprint

The shoe care range with minimum ecological footprint

Extend the lifespan of your shoes, sneakers and boots! With OrganoTex shoe waterproofing, you improve the water and dirt repellency so that your shoes stay dry and look great longer. Our shoe care series is PFAS-free and readily biodegradable – for a minimal ecological footprint. Our ShoeCare range also includes ShoeCare Cleaner.

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It's not just nature that gives us top marks.

Happily, it's not only nature that appreciates our products. Independent tests too! Several times we have been named best in test, most recently our Spray-On by Utemagasinet (No. 12/2020).

About OrganoTex

Many textile impregnations are currently based on fluorocarbons (e.g. PFAS, PFC, etc) and other chemicals that may be hormone disruptive and non-degradable. OrganoTex® is a biodegradable and fluorocarbon free water-repellent technology for textile fabrics which has been developed with inspiration from the water repellent properties of the Lotus flower. We supply products both for consumers as a spray-on or wash-in product, and for industrial use as a durable water repellent (DWR) product.
OrganoTex® ShoeCare

Effective universal impregnation and multi-functional wax. Made from bio-based raw materials and is readily biodegradable. Our ShoeCare range also includes a shoe cleaner.

OrganoTex® Textile waterproofing

Our consumer products efficiently impregnates textiles and are easy to use. They are biodegradable and free from fluorocarbons such as PFAS.

OrganoTex®BioCare Wash

Detergents for functional fabrics in outdoor gear and for wool & down garments. Highly concentrated, predominantly bio-based and readily biodegradable

OrganoTex® Industrial DWR

Our biodegradable industrial DWR products create a water repellent finish, resistant to washing. All without fluorocarbons and other toxic chemicals.

It's smart to imitate nature's smart solutions.

It's called biomimetics and has led OrganoClick, the company behind the OrganoTex brand, to become a world-leading green chemicals company. By imitating nature's own solutions, materials such as wood, textiles and paper can be given new properties. Our products can replace many of the environmentally destructive chemicals and fossil-based plastics currently used in the functional materials industry.

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