OrganoClick has since several years supplied biodegradable industrial impregnation products for textiles under the brand OrganoTex®. In 2018, OrganoTex® was launched as a textile impregnation product for consumers used for making garments and fabrics water repellent. In Sweden, the products are sold by retailers such as Naturkompaniet, Alewalds, Skistar, Team Sportia, etc. In two independent tests performed by Utemagasinet (Outdoor magazine) and Hemfakta (Home facts) OrganoTex® is the test winner for both its water proofing functionality and its environmental performance.

“This is so great news! That our product OrganoTex® is appointed as test winner by two independent test groups is fantastic. It shows what great product we have and that environmental performance can go hand-in-hand with high functionality. And so fun that we win tests that are both performed on outdoor garments as well as ordinary cloths”, says Susanne Karlsson, Sales manager for the OrganoTex®-brand at OrganoClick.