OrganoClick has since several years supplied biodegradable industrial impregnation products for textiles under the brand OrganoTex®. OrganoTex® will now be launched as a textile impregnation product for consumers used for making garments and fabrics water repellent. The products will be sold as a Spray-On product that is applied by hand or as a Wash-In product that is applied in a washing machine. The sales towards consumers will be made through resellers within sport, outdoor and fashion retail, with Swedish Naturkompaniet as the first reseller.

OrganoTex® Spray-On and Wash-In has been developed during several years and have been designed to give good water repellancy, yet being biodegradable. The product is based on OrganoClick’s patented and awarded technology for modification of textile fibers and and is totally free from the problematic perfluorinated compounds (PFAS), cyclic siloxanes and isocyanates that is often used in textile impregnations. Several of these chemicals is thought to be cancerogenic and hormone disruptive, as well as bioaccumulative in nature.

”We are very proud that we after several years of research and development, now can launch an eco-friendly, safe textile impregnation for consumers with high functionality. With Naturkompaniet as our first reseller on the Swedish market, we reach exactly the group of environmentally conscious outdoor loving consumers that has a great need of water repellent garments but also want to take care of the environment. We will now continue to roll out the product to other resellers during the year”, says Mårten Hellberg, CEO OrganoClick AB.

Naturkompaniet is a leading Swedish outdoor retailer with more than 30 stores in Sweden and is a part of the Fenix Outdoor group which also own brands such as Fjällräven and Tierra. OrganoTex® Spray-On and Wash-In will be sold in all stores from April 2018.