Instructional videos

It’s very easy to get great results with our products. But if you want to achieve maximum effect, it may be worth checking out our instructional videos before you get started. If you prefer to read for yourself and have the full details about each product, you can download our product sheets on the product pages. If something is still unclear, we recommend that you visit our FAQs

Textile Waterproofing Wash-In

Wash-In Textile Waterproofing instructional video.

Textile Waterproofing Spray-On

Spray-On Textile Waterproofing instructional video.

Addendum to the video: For best result dry in a tumble dryer or drying cabinet, if care instructions allow it. If you air dry your garment, white drying stains may occur. These can easily be removed using a hairdryer or an iron on low heat. Heat allows the product to absorb into the fabric.

Shoe leather wax

ShoeCare Leather Wax instructional video.

Shoe textile waterproofing spray

ShoeCare Waterproofing instructional video.

Detergent for sports and functional clothing

BioCare Sport Textile Wash instructional video.

Detergent for wool and down

BioCare Wool & Down Wash instructional video.