Shoe care waterproofing spray, a shoe spray for all kinds of shoes

ShoeCare Waterproofing Spray

ShoeCare Waterproofing Spray is a universal shoe spray that effectively protects your shoes and boots against rain and dirt. It maintains the material’s breathability and extends its useful life. The formulation contains natural fatty acids that binds to the textile fibre (non-film forming) and creates water repellency. Our unique technology allows for full preservation of the textile’s feel, colour and breathability. Now also eco-labeled with Oeko-Tex Eco Passport.


Suitable for all types of textiles, nubuck, suede, and leather. The product is sprayed directly onto cleaned shoes/boots and works even if they are not completely dry. 


The product is PFAS-free and readily biodegradable (according to OECD301A), so nothing remains in nature. The patented technology is inspired by nature’s own chemistry, such as the highly water-repellent properties of the lotus leaf.


Water, organic silicon polymers, beeswax, and natural fatty acids.

How to useWatch instructional video

1) Clean the shoe. If the shoe is very dirty, a mild cleaning agent is recommended, for example OrganoTex ShoeCare Cleaner.

2) Shake the bottle.

3) Protect the work surface and spray the shoe surface evenly.

4) Wipe off any excess liquid that might cause stains.

5) Allow to dry for 24 hours to achieve the full effect.

Other information

Shelf life: 24 months, opened packaging. Storage: Frost-free, out of reach of children. Recycling: Sorted as plastic (rPET bottle).

Manufactured in Sweden according to ISO14001 & ISO9001 by OrganoClick AB, Linjalvägen 9, 187 66 Täby, Sweden. +46(0)8 674 00 80.

ShoeCare Waterproofing Spray instructional video
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