ShoeCare Leather Wax for boots, hiking boots and shoes

ShoeCare Leather Wax

ShoeCare Leather Wax is an effective, multifunctional water-repellent wax that moisturizes, protects, and polishes leather. Suitable for shoes, boots and all types of leather. It maintains the material’s breathability and extends its useful life. The wax nourishes the leather, but does not leave boot shafts or riding boots too soft. Eco-labelled with USDA Certified Biobased Product.


Suitable for shoes, hiking boots and leather bags, furniture, belts, etc. Also suitable for shoes and boots with membranes. Remember that a matt leather like nubuck etc. will get more of a sheen if you wax it.


The product is 100% biobased and free of palm oil and paraffin. OrganoTex’s innovative products are inspired by nature’s own chemistry. 


Plant waxes, vegetable extracts, beeswax, and argan extract.

How to useWatch instructional video

1) Clean the leather with a damp cloth or brush.

2) Distribute the wax evenly with your fingers or a cloth.

3) Wait a few minutes and then polish lightly with a cloth.

Other information

Shelf life: 24 months, opened packaging. Storage: Frost-free, out of reach of children. Recycling: Metal.

Manufactured in Sweden according to ISO14001 & ISO9001 by OrganoClick AB, Linjalvägen 9, 187 66 Täby, Sweden. +46(0)8 674 00 80.

ShoeCare Leather Wax instructional video
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