Shoe care, textile waterproofing and detergents

OrganoTex is a Swedish innovation based on a patented green technology inspired by the water-repellent properties of the lotus plant. The shoe care range, textile waterproofing and detergent products are PFAS-free and readily biodegradable – so nothing is left in nature. You’ll find our products both for consumers and industrial use. The consumer products are available in leading sport, hunting, and outdoor equipment stores. OrganoTex® DWR is used industrially in textile mills to treat fabrics. OrganoTex is developed and manufactured by the Swedish greentech company OrganoClick.
OrganoTex® ShoeCare

Effective universal impregnation and multi-functional wax, made from bio-based raw materials and is readily biodegradable. Our ShoeCare range also includes a shoe cleaner.

OrganoTex® Waterproofing

OrganoTex® Waterproofing is a biodegradable textile impregnation for consumers.

OrganoTex®BioCare Wash

Detergents for functional fabrics in outdoor gear and for wool & down garments. Highly concentrated, predominantly bio-based and readily biodegradable

OrganoTex® Industrial DWR

OrganoTex® Industrial DWR is a biodegradable DWR for industrial use. Brands using the OrganoTex®-technology are offered an attractive co-branding platform.