The OrganoTex® technology has been developed according to the highest sustainability standards. The technology is readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301C and is free from fluorocarbons, also known as per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs). In 2018, the OrganoTex® consumer products was awarded with Scandinavian Outdoor Sustainability Award for its outstanding properties.


What is the problem with fluorocarbons?

Techniques to make fabric water repellent are today almost always based on fluorocarbons, also known as per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs). These are substances that do not degrade in nature or take a very long time to do so. Instead they tend to accumulate in the environment and spread long distances from their production and usage sites.

Studies have shown that many fluorocarbons are similar to certain hormones, leading to endocrine disorders, decreased fertility, cancer and stillborn pups among many animal species. The effect on humans is not yet entirely clear. However, there is no doubt that fluorocarbons are persistent in nature and as they don’t disappear in very long time, we might see negative effects on human health in the future.

OrganoTex® is completely free from fluorocarbons and other problematic chemicals such as isocyanates that are often used in textile chemistry. The product is readily biodegradable according to OECD 301C and is classifed as non-toxic to humans and the environment according to CLP.

A certified producer

All OrganoTex-products are produced by OrganoClick in its production facilities in Sweden. OrganoClick is working according to a quality and environmental management system which is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. OrganoClick is also a bluesign®-system partner and is thus working according to the  strict environmental regulations regarding choice of chemicals and raw materials for the OrganoTex®-technology.


Awarded technology – part of a global mission

OrganoClick has won numerous awards for its green chemical technologies and products. In 2018, OrganoTex® consumer products was awarded with Scandinavian Outdoor Sustainability Award.

OrganoClick has also been selected of the the World Wildlife Fund – the WWF:s “Climate Solver” program in which the WWF selects companies which technologies can reduce carbon emission with more than 20 million tonnes per year.

In 2017, OrganoClick was also selected to the global programme Unreasonable goals, aiming at accelerating the fulfillment of the UN:s 17 sustainability goals set to be reached by 2030. OrganoClick was selected for its technologies that are used to reach the goal number 12 – Responsible consumption and production.